Security Policy

Here at, we highly value and respect the Privacy and Security of our users, and understand the significance of conserving the privacy of all personal information provided to us. The Privacy Policy is in affiliation with the websites Terms and Conditions, which we take seriously. The personal information collected on is solely for the purpose of order processing, customization of a users shopping experience, and to pass along special offers and discounts to our members.

  • Users of are required to provide us with the following information: If the person purchasing the item is also the recipient, we will need:
  • Customer First and Last name
  • Customer Mailing Address
  • Customer Telephone Number
  • Customer E-Mail (For confirmation purposes)
  • Customer Billing Information (Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and Billing Address)
  • Any related promotional/discount
  • If the person purchasing the item differs from the recipient, we will need:
  • Payer First and Last name
  • Payer E-Mail (For confirmation purposes)
  • Payer Billing Information (Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and Billing Address)
  • Any related promotional/discount
  • Along with:
  • Recipient First and Last name
  • Recipient Mailing Address
  • Membership information for promotions and mailings may be provided voluntarily:
  • Member First and Last name
  • Member Mailing Address
  • Member E-Mail
  • Member Birthday
  • Member Gender

Membership information is applied exclusively for the purpose of order processing, special offerings, and discounts. Member information provided to us is used only by us, and guarantees the privacy and exclusivity of such information. Members and customers are not obliged to sign up for promotions, and may choose to opt-out of the mailing list at their digression. At, we do not collect or keep any payment information provided to us if the order is cancelled or left incomplete, nor do we collect or keep payment information from previous purchases. members are provided with the option to receive a notification upon any change to our Privacy Policies and/or general Terms and Conditions. A link to our Privacy Policies and general Terms and Conditions will be e-mailed to gift-recipients. An option to opt-out of our mailing list will also be provided to gift-recipients.

Although does not dispense any customer or member personal/payment information to any third parties, a successor of our company is not acknowledged as a third party. In the case of an alliance, association, sale, or change of possession in partially or entirety of s business, one of the features that will be relegated is the information collected from members and customers. In the event of such a mergers, sale, or change of possession, the Terms and Conditions of these Privacy Policies will remain intact and absolute. In which case, customers and members will continue to have the right to opt-out the mailing list or sharing personal information.

Any information provided to may be revealed if we believe: (a) unveiling to be in compliance with any law, arrangement, or government appeal, or to fulfill a judicial case, (b) disclosure is required or applicable to the operation of this website, (c) the assurance of interest or possessions of, its users, providers, sponsors, licensors, and merchants is necessary.

For any questions or comments in reference to the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions, or the composed terms and proceedings of our website, please contact us by either sending an e-mail to: ,or calling 312-883-0027 10 am to 6 pm CDT during business hours. If you would like to contact us by mail, please send a letter to

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The letter must include your first and last name, mailing address, e-mail address (if applicable), and telephone number (if applicable).

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