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Oriental Fragrances like never before.

As the creators of some of the finest Oriental Fragrances, Ajmal Perfumes offers you the best of the best as you shop on our e-store. Some of our best-selling Arabic perfumes – for men and women – include Pearlescent Black, Qafiya Year of Zayed Limited Edition, Wisal, Wisal Dhahab, Musc Supreme, Green Watani, Mukhallat Shams, Bakhoor Khas, Musk Khas – and many many more.


Refresh your home with our Room Fresheners.

Need the best fragrances for home usage? Look no further than the ones on our e-store. Nafahat Al Majlis, Nafahat Malakiya Duet, Nafahat Eden, Nafahat Aura, Nafahat Exotique – the list is endless. And of course, we also have some amazing Arabic Incense – Bukhoor and Dakhoon such as Safwat Al Safwa, Oudh Mubakhar Fakher, Oudh Adam, Dakhoon Naif, Dakhoon Meraz and our premier best-seller; Oudh Mubakhar.

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